Pro Jewish Anti Racist Rally outside the BBC HQ London (FULL SPEECH)

Around 250 demonstrators led by Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), This follows the reporting of anti-semitic incident on Oxford Street on November 29, during the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, in which a group of Jewish teenagers were accosted and forced back onto their bus by a group of men – who were seen hitting the vehicle with their hands and shoes while spitting and hurling anti-Semitic insults.The CAA said the BBC news website reported that racial slurs against Muslims could be heard from inside the bus – leading Jewish organisations to accuse the BBC of victim blaming.

A spokesperson for CAA said: ‘Tonight’s rally sends a message to the BBC that the Jewish community has had enough of years of the BBC victim-blaming Jewish people for anti-Semitism, downplaying racism towards Jews, platforming anti-Semites and fuelling anti-Semitism in Britain.