An Event to Mark 20 Years of the War on Terror (FULL STREAM OF MUSIC, PERFORMANCES AND SPEECHES)

Speeches From Weyman Bennett, Lowkey, Andrew Murray, Jeremy Corbyn and so many more in a full day of events hosted by Stop The War Coalition.

How it Began

Speakers: Tariq Ali, Lindsey German, Andrew Murray.

Chair: Shelly Asquith – Mark Rylance.

Speakers: Medea Benjamin, Peter Brierley, Kate Connelly, Kate Hudson, Sami Ramadani, Haifa Zangana.

Chair: Chris Nineham.

Islamophobia and Civil Liberties

Speakers: Weyman Bennett, Lowkey, John Rees, Salma Yaqoob.

Chair: Murad Qureshi.

The Future

Speakers: Jeremy Corbyn MP, Larrisa Kennedy, Shabbir Lakha, Zarah Sultana MP.

Chair: Shelly Asquith.

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