Why Insulate Britain? (RealMedia report)

Real Media interviewed three of the activists we met on the first action. Two are self-employed (a graphic designer and a psychotherapist) both of whom are sacrificing income to take part. The other is employed at a major UK retailer, and sought permission from his employers to take unpaid leave for three months (which they gave in the full knowledge of what he was planning to do).

Although many of the arrests have been for ‘conspiracy to cause public nuisance’, the government has chosen not to follow the usual legal path, possibly because they may face powerful defence arguments in court exposing the delinquency of their climate solutions. Instead, they have instructed Highways England (a government-owned company) to take out a High Court injunction designed specifically to prevent protest on or near the M25.

Insulate Britain have said that they don’t want to block roads, but they do want to begin to address the climate crisis while saving thousands of lives each winter, and they want the government to either get on with the job, or face them in court in front of a jury rather than use undemocratic legislation designed to protect those who can afford to buy the law. Either way it looks likely that we will see further disruption and potentially historic mass imprisonment before this story is over.