Man Broke Into Buckingham Palace Twice & Got Away With It

Michael Fagan claims to have broken into Buckingham Palace twice, as shown on The Crown. The first time was on June 7, 1982 – after his wife had left him.

Fagan first shimmied up a drainpipe and through a window. He then wandered through the palace halls, opening (and drinking) a bottle of wine belonging to Prince Charles. He later testified to leaving the palace through the back gardens without attracting any attention from security.

During the second break-in on July 9, 1982, Fagan entered a similar way and made his way towards the Queen’s bedroom. According to a Scotland Yard investigation, Fagan says he found a glass ashtray in an anteroom and broke it, intending to slit his wrists in front of the Queen. After Fagan opened the curtains in her bedroom at around 7:15 a.m., the Queen awoke and pressed the night alarm bell, but the night staff had gone off duty. She then called the palace telephonist, asking for the police.