“Journalist” from ResistanceGB Youtube channel arrested (Video and statement)

On the 19th of July 2021 – the UK’s ‘Freedom Day’ – Will was attacked by police and falsely arrested on fabricated charges, while he was filming the anti-lockdown protest in London’s Parliament Square. This is yet more evidence that independent free press and citizen journalists/videographers are being politically targeted and silenced for trying to expose what is happening to our country. Included: Will’s statement from the police station, with the livestream clip leading up to his attack, and Media Consumer’s footage of his police assault.

“I’m speaking to you from the police station: what happened today was a politically motivated attack in order to frame me, from which I’ve been physically injured, in order to silence independent journalists as we’ve been seeing for some time in this communist dictatorship. This will not be tolerated.” – Willsy, Resistance GB



00:00 Intro

02:17 Livestream

17:12 Attack

17:52 Media Consumer’s footage of the assault

29:54 Outro