Haringey Women’s march & rally to highlight male violence against women #ReclaimTheseStreets

Around 150 local people took part in a march and rally to protest and highlight the continuing disproportionate male violence against women in our streets and our homes. Meeting in Finsbury Park, they marched through the park where a young woman was murdered in 2017, and another was raped just a few months ago. According to campaigners, there have been 329 rapes and 868 sexual offences in Haringey over the past 12 months.

This was the first event of this type for some years, and the aim was to make their presence and message felt along the route, provide a space for networking, and as a first step to a larger plan to combat the high rate of male violence against women that we continue to see in our society. Since the murder of Sarah Everard, there have been a further 80 women killed at the hands of men in the UK.