Bicyclist gets stopped 8 times in 10 mins at Extinction Rebellion Protest

“Context: I am a peaceful and nonviolent protester with Extinction Rebellion. During my first two searches I didn’t film it (stupidly). In almost every single search the MET Police used the same “reasonable suspicion” to detain me – which was the police criminal evidence act (section 1). For the first couple of searches, I thought “yeah fair enough, they’re just doing their job and probably just looking for glue and other lock on equipment.” But then as I neared my 8th search in just 10 days I began to realize that I was being unfairly targeted and harassed by the same few officers. I never resisted or retaliated against the police despite them clearly abusing their powers on multiple occasions. Most people I asked who had been at the protests hadn’t been searched even once. The last video is of an officer just randomly following me without reason, and refusing to leave me alone.”